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Baby Keith pictured above with Tera and Tiffany Roberts(Mom Mom's dogs). 
The three of them often enjoyed a good game of tug of war with the ball.

Pipers 1st birthday party which was celebrated on Friday, September 10, 1988.  Her birthday is actually on the 13th... but we had a busy weekend ahead with the Cutest Baby Contest on Saturday and the Family Reunion on Sunday.

Aunt Dawn, the life of the party as usual.

This picture was taken on September 11, 1988.  We had taken the children to 
"The Cutest Baby Contest" in the mall that day.


Baby Keith's first trip to the family reunion.  September 12, 1988.

This was also his first time meeting his Great Grandmother, Iva Mae Sines.

Pictured above with GrandPop, and below napping in his swing after a long hard day at the reunion.


Driving lessons with Aunt Karen didn't seem to be going so well, so he gave up cars for airplanes.  As you can see by the look on his face, he was much more comfortable with flying.







Trick or Treat