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Baby Keith was very fond of Winnie The Pooh. As a matter of fact, he even took his Pooh Bear to heaven with him.   I have adopted this Winnie The Pooh angel (pictured above) from a place I found on the internet that was kind enough to let me adopt him specifically for use on this website. 
Here are some pictures from Baby Keith's first year.  Notice it didn't take him long to overcome that preemie stuff.   Before I knew it, he was just as chubby as Winnie The Pooh himself.  
Baby Keith was baptized at Our Lady of Hope 
Church by Father Paul Lesnick.
Pictured here with Piper, who is only 4 months older than him.  
Look at the size difference.  Well, not for long... 
here come those chubby pictures I was telling you about.
I think he's been eating way too much honey...

Starting to look a lot like Pooh, wouldn't you say?